Friday, July 15, 2011

MTV Presents SUMMER SWAG 2011 VA

On August 27, 2011, MTv will be bringing "SUMMER SWAG" to Harbor Park in Norfolk, Virginia. If your anyone, you know this will be an event you CAN NOT and WILL NOT want to miss to end the summer!!!
The event will be hosted by VA's own DJ Babey Drew(better known as Chris Brown's DJ) from 91.1FM and will have DJ Chino one the 1's and 2's all day!! The event will showcase many of Virginia's local talent as opening acts while also featuring major recording artists Soulja Boy, Fabolous, and another all-star artist to be named later!!
If you are in Virgina YOU want to be there. This is one of the biggest Hip Hop events to happen in Virginia in many years so get your tickets as soon as possible!!

Presale tickets are availabe Now and tickets will be sold at ticketmaster in the very near future, so STAY TUNED IN for more information as it comes!!

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